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How do we live together in this modern world? What do you do when you are just stuck with someone?

Gogo and Didi are stuck at home together. It’s raining. They’re waiting. Playing one moment and fighting the next, what sort of mischief are they up to? How do they spend their time together?

A Beckett-like play for little ones, follow Gogo and Didi as they explore what it means to communicate with each other.

Target age: 4 and up

Language: Non-verbal

Form: Physical Theatre

Using Beckett’s work as a basis of inspiration, STUCK is a play that explores themes and ideas about contact, miscommunication, loneliness, modern devices and friendship. In this modern world where technology is ever-changing, do people still communicate when they are together? Or have we gone cold and come to keep more and more to ourselves, being tied to our modern devices?  Through this experience, we’d also like to explore the relationship between the performers and our audience. STUCK is a project for my Master Directing at Bath Spa University.