Terug naar het overzicht

DAK – performative response

April 2018

“I wish I could be invisible and wander all the hidden corners of this city without feeling exposed”

April and March 2018 I’ve interned at The Centre for the less good idea in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Centre is an incubation space where young artist are invited to come and collaborate in an interdisciplinary way. Every season ends with a festival, where the work of this period is shown. The Centre is about taking risks in making art, about making mistakes and discovering new things. The Centre was founded by William Kentridge and he mentors the artists

In response to our internship at The Center, Hannegijs Jonker and I made this performance. We built a city of objects with quotes on top of them. The quotes were of the people we had met in Joburg.

Most of the audience looked from above but a few people had ‘adventure seats’ and were in the middle of this city. We asked them different questions and gave them the assignment to find the quote that was the answer for them. They made connections with a wire and that’s how a web came into being. Thoughts could be followed from above. Questions such as: Find one that could be about your mother. Find one you don’t understand. Find one that makes you angry.

  1. I wish I could be invisible and wonder all the hidden corners of this city.
  2. Next time you drive, I chill in the back
  3. I try to make sense of my own world
  4. Be mobile
  5. What is the difference between air and breath? Brains and mind?
  6. What is the difference between a daughter and a lover?
  7. There are no mothers and fathers here, child
  8. Be safe
  9. Wounded but responsible
  10. At school we only follow the textbooks, while at the theatre we follow our minds.
  11. Even our driving is aggressive
  12. Die in peace not in pieces
  13. Tea?
  14. Only if a black woman plays Jesus.
  15. Solitude is comfortable, loneliness is not.
  16. Witness
  17. Theatre is education
  18. Meaning is other people’s job
  19. Find the less good doctor
  20. Inona no vaovoao
  21. What is your source of history?
  22. Are you German?
  23. Ook al ben ik zwart als roet ik meen het toch goed (*Dutch childrens song: Even though I am black, I mean well)
  24. When I moved to Amsterdam my mother was afraid. ‘The big city is a dangerous place’ she said.
  25. Ca depend
  26. So yeah its just all about the space and the visuals but more like about the sculptures you know…
  27. I’ve lost my voice
  28. Collaboration
  29. God gave me ten finger to count, but how do I count my life? One, one, one, one.
  30. Doek
  31. Where you and I meet there opens up a space
  32. I see you
  33. 1 = 15,71
  34. 286
  35. Can I take a picture?