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About me

For me making theatre is about shaping body, text and space. In a theatre language that is abstract and simplified I want to show realness. It is precisely in this minimal way that realness, like the real body of the performer, emerges.

I make mime theatre with a lot of language and a lot of humor. I want to work with all kinds of actors and performers, non- and professional. I am also interested in making theatre for young audiences.

My work is about the conflict between body and mind, about the absurdity of human contact and about being a child, an adult or anything in between.

My name is Diede Daalman. I was born in 1993 in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. I moved to Amsterdam for my studies at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. I’ve graduated in the summer of 2018 as a theatermaker and teacher.

I love traveling, writing and visual art. Me and my boyfriend are currently living in Amsterdam Southeast.

Did you know that there..

Have you already heard of that

before you know it, you know

you don’t know anymore

I mean  I mean

you’re sitting and you are thinking  whether you should

Whether, not thinking about the weather

Whether you should ask again

Ask again

What it really is about

You know

– Vers (fresh)